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Learn to Skate Classes (Figure Skating)

Come join The Pleasant Prairie Skating School at the RecPlex Ice Arena. We have classes Monday, Wednesday and Saturday year round.

  • Monday/Wednesday 5:00p-6:30pm
  • Saturday 9:10a-10:40am

We use the Learn to Skate USA Curriculum

Registration Fee includes:

  • Annual LTS USA Registration Fee ($35)
  • 2 Free Open Skate sessions per month (added to monthly auto billing)
  • Mondor Jacket at a reduced cost
  • LTS USA Badges at no cost upon passing a class

Classes NOT running

Due to low or no enrollment, the following classes will not be running for March/April/May

  • Ice Explorers
  • Basic Edge
  • Advanced Edge


Take a look at where your skater will begin their skating journey and where it can take them. 

Registration Deadline

Register now before the 7th of the month and start classes right away!

If registering after the 7th of the month start classes the following month.

For example, if looking to start attending class in March, register no later than March 7.  If registered AFTER March 7, you would begin class in April.

Please also take note that there are TWO(2) STEPS to the registration process. BOTH steps MUST be completed for you to be considered registered and ready to begin taking class!

Step 1: Complete your online registration where you will select your classes and pay the $35 annual registration fee

Click the FORMS button above to fill out and submit the following: Add Form, Progression/Change Form, Make-up Request Form, Cancellation Request Form

Registration Process and Details

  • Step 1: Complete your initial registration where you will select the classes your skater is looking to take and pay your $35 annual registration fee. You will not actually be paying for the classes at the time of registration, you are simply just selecting them. 
    • Click the link below that says "Register: RecPlex Learn to Skate Registration"
  • Step 2: Complete the Payment Authorization Form (link below titled "RecPlex Learn to Skate Payment Authorization Form" to provide the RecPlex with your billing information (credit card or checking account) to begin monthly billing for your Learn to Skate fees.
  • Please email your form directly to: 
    • Payment form must be submitted in order to be considered registered and to begin taking classes. Skaters who do not submit the required payment form will not be on the roster and will not be permitted to begin class. 
  • Skaters will be auto billed monthly on the 2nd of each month for their classes via a credit card. Any registration submitted AFTER the 2nd of the month will be auto billed the first Friday following.
  • We will accept registrations through the 7th of each month. Any registrations received after the 7th of the month will begin the following month. 
    • For example, if you are looking to begin attending class in March, you would need to be registered by March 7.  If registered after March 7, you would start attending class in April.

Class Fees (Cost is per month)

Class Monthly Fee # Times Per Week
Intro to Skating RP Member: $60
Non-Member: $75
Class meets 3x per week
Snowplow Sam 2-4 RP Member:$52
Non-Member: $65
Class meets 1x per week
Basic 2-6, Adult Teen Class RP Member: $64
Non-Member: $80
Class meets 1x per week
Intro to Pre-Freeskate, Pre-Freeskate, Freeskate 1-6, All Specialty Classes RP Member: $72
Non-Member: $90
Class meets 1x per week
Axel & Up Class RP Member: $78
Non-Member: $97
Class meets 1x per week

Class Discounts

BOGO Discount is a great way to get your child on the ice multiple times per week in either their regular group class or a group class and a Specialty class.

  • Pay full price for the first class, and receive 50% off all classes following. 
  • BOGO Discount applies to Snowplow Sam - Freeskate levels and ALL Specialty classes.
  • BOGO Discount is a PER SKATER discount, it is NOT a sibling discount. 

Commitment Terms

  • There is a 2-month commitment and cancellations MUST be submitted by the 19th of the month in order to cancel. For example, if you sign up for September and October and wish not to be billed for November, your cancellation request must be submitted by October 19th.  Cancellations submitted after the 19th will not be honored for the next month (i.e. if you submit your cancellation request to not be billed for November after the October 19th deadline, you will still be billed for November).
  • Early terminations of billing prior to the 2-month commitment will be honored ONLY for the following reasons, and proof MUST be provided.
    • Moving 50 miles or more away from the RecPlex.
    • Medical reasons permitting you to skate.
    • Military leave
  • Monthly billing will continue if not cancelled. 
  • The only way to cancel is to submit a cancellation request form located HERE. Click the Red CANCEL FORM button to cancel.

Registrations for class must be submitted by the 7th of each month to begin right away. Any registrations submitted after the 7th will start class the following month. We DO NOT PRORATE for registering late (i.e. after the 1st of the month).

  • NO REFUNDS will be issued for missed classes or lack of attendance. Missed classes can be made-up by submitted a class make-up request form - CLICK HERE FOR MAKE-UP REQUEST FORM

Fun themed classes, for skaters AND coaches!

Cancellation Policy

Class cancellations are permitted only with a WRITTEN NOTICE by filling out the CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM ONLINE.  Filling out the CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM ONLINE is the only acceptable way to cancel. Phone calls, telling a coach, or sending an email is not acceptable. CANCELLATION NOTICES must be received by the 19th of the month to not be billed for the following month. Any Cancellation Notice received after the 19th will then be processed for the end of the following month. You are responsible for all fees due until your child is dropped. You are authorizing RecPlex to charge the credit card on file in the event that your account is not paid in full at the time of the drop.

Example: A Cancellation received by October 19th to not be billed for November can still attend classes until October 31st. If you submit a Cancellation Notice after October 19th, you will still be billed for November, regardless of attendance. 

Please note: If the student temporarily drops from a class, his/her spot in that class will not be guaranteed at the time of re-enrollment; dropping relinquishes your spot in that class (subject to change upon the decision of Management)

Please reference the Learn to Skate Schedule for specific class times.


Please direct any questions to: 

Lexi Phillips

Lexi Phillips

Learn to Skate Specialist

Chelsea Strouf

Chelsea Strouf

Figure Skating Supervisor

Kelsey Watermann

Kelsey Watermann

Billing Questions