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Sani Sport Coming to RecPlex!

By Brian Luburich, 10/12/15, 1:00PM CDT


It's best to start the season out Fresh!

Who Founded Sani Sport?

Sani Sport was founded by Steve Silver in 2001. Silver, the owner of Dupliskate Skate Sharpening Machines, noticed an untapped market within the hockey industry. With two young sons who were avid hockey players, he was constantly concerned with the level of bacteria on their hockey equipment. He decided to work alongside a team of engineers and chemists to design the first sports equipment cleaning machine. He went on to create an advisory board, as well, to get support and feedback from NHL equipment managers, NFL equipment managers and prominent medical professionals. Since its debut in 2001, Sani Sport has become internationally known for its ability to significantly reduce bacteria in sports equipment and other protective gear.

Why Sani Sport?

Sani Sport has the shortest cycle time out of all the machines in the sports equipment cleaning industry. Sani Sport supplies machines to 90% of NHL teams15 NFL teams and various military and law enforcement agencies. Sani Sport is the only sports equipment cleaner with third party certification from UL and CE

How does ozone work?

Ozone is a natural gas with strong oxidizing properties. O3, as it is often referred to, opens sports equipment fibers to penetrate the bacteria. Ozone kills germs 3200 times quicker than chlorine bleach. Sani Sport’s ozone equipment cleaning machine reduces the potential for infection to protect athletes.

When: Sani Sport will be coming BACK to RecPlex Thursday, October 15th from 11am-7pm.  

Cost: $30 per skater, $35 per goalie