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2021 Black Friday Freestyle Package Sale

By Kelsey Watermann, 11/24/21, 8:00AM CST


Black Friday Freestyle Package Special Details

  • 45 unlimited days for the price of the 30-day unlimited package
    • $250 RecPlex Member
    • $300 non-member
      • Please note: If purchasing the unlimited package, you MUST STILL SIGN-UP FOR YOUR FREESTYLE SESSIONS!  The unlimited package simply just allows you to skate as much as you would like within the 45-day period.
      • Once purchased, an email notification is sent to myself to apply the series sale credit to your account to allow you to sign-up for sessions at $0 that is covered with the package. This means that this is a MANUAL PROCESS and the system MAY still show a balance due if looking to start the package immediately. This is NORMAL and I will fix as soon as I can.
  • No limit on the number that can be purchased
  • If currently in the middle of an unlimited package that has not yet expired, we will start any Black Friday special package purchased AFTER the current package is expired, OR on the date indicated.
  • If you do not currently have an unlimited package, please ensure you indicate on the Confirm Selection page in Regpack which day you would like the package to start.  If this is not indicated, the package will start the date it is purchased.
    • The package will expire 45-days (or however many days purchased) from that requested start date.
  • All sales are FINAL – NO REFUNDS!

Sale ends Monday, November 29th, 2021

Purchase Link

CLICK HERE to Purchase Package

Click the link above to purchase the Black Friday Package and register for Freestyle Ice Time.

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